The Photo-Challenged Husband

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If there is one thing we love around here, it's a straight humor post. This hilarious rant on the void of spousal photography skills quickly became our favorite. Do yourself a big favor and enjoy the full post, including some truly terrible shots of this long-suffering wife:

"I have often wondered, what is it with husbands? What is their main malfunction, anyway? I mean, trying to get mine to stop at Starbucks to get me a coffee is harder than physics, and that's even when I'm in the car with him. If I call from home and ask him to bring me one? Forget about it. Anyway, one of the hardest things to get my husband to do is take my damn picture. You'd think I asked him to fold the laundry or something but no, just please take my picture so I can, you know, put it on my blog. Sometimes he complies. Most of the time he doesn't. But when he does? Well, let me just show you what results..."


Margarita Mug Shot


Image credit: Rob Smith via A Momma's Desires and Pacifiers.

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