Photo Usage Ethics in Food Blogging

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[Editor's Note: The issue of photo rights on food blogs is always a hot topic. hot issue this week. In this post, the blogger, Janetha, examines two different issues that are related to the same topic: is it OK to use a photo that looks like it represents the recipe at hand, but actually is not a photo of the dish in question; and when is it OK to use another blogger's photo, especially if you're recreating their recipe. Are these issues as black and white as they seem? Or are there really multiple perspectives on what's acceptable and what's not? --Genie]

two great debates.

however, if i make someone’s recipe and take my OWN photographs of the recipe, that is a different story. i love it when i see someone make my recipe, link back to my original post, and post a photo of how the recipe turned out for them. it’s part of the joy that comes with sharing recipes!

Turkey Meatloaf Muffins

Image Credit: meals & moves, used by permission.

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