Pickled Red Onions

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[Editor's Note: This is a lovely story about a lifelong love for onions was forced into a cooling-off period when the author married a man who did not share her love for these pungent vegetables. But now, she pickles red onions, which tames the pungency and offers her a delicious way to reincorporate onions in almost every meal. Try this quick recipe, which is a great way to preserve red onions in the fridge for many uses. --Genie]

An Ode to the Onion

The french onion soups of my childhood have ruined me for most soup offerings in my adulthood. The smell of beef broth and sautéed onions still carries me back a few decades and makes me hungry for soppy croutons and thick broiler-kissed cheese.

Pickled Onions

Image Credit: The Wright Place, used by permission.

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