Pictures Can Be a Blogger's Best Friend

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[Editor's Note: I really love Sticky Feet's explanation for why she photographs her children so much. Pictures truly are the time-pressed blogger's best friend: they capture the moment in seconds whereas writing out your thoughts can sometimes slip by when people feel strapped for time. --Mel]

It literally takes seconds to capture that moment in time forever. I think that’s what I love about photos. I’ve droned on here before about how I am using my blog to preserve memories and capture moments. This isn’t meant to be a place where I am bragging about my life. Sure, I love my kids. Of course, I think they’re cute. My life, most days, is pretty good. But really, I just want to remember what we did. I want to remember what they looked like, what they said, and what their personalities were like at each stage of their life.

Tell us a picture you recently took (better yet, give us a link to the post on your blog).

Photo Credit: Genericface.

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