Playing games in good taste: Farmville to Table

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Are you a fan of Farmville? Boy do I have some fun news for you! What do you call it when the game making powerhouse Zynga decides to release a game chock full of recipes featuring the bounty of summer harvested, fresh, home-cooked foods? Well, first you call it delicious and fun! Then you call it Farmville 2: Country Escape, Zynga's latest mobile game. I don't often get excited about games, but this one has my attention! A game that rewards you with real recipes? Oh my, yes please! What I LOVE about this is that players can enter their own recipes in the game. And what's even more fun is that Zynga is calling all cooks for the chance to be featured in the first ever Farmville to Table cookbook. With tens of millions of people playing the game each month, and over four hundred million people having played the game total, that's a lot of eyeballs that could see YOUR recipe. How's THAT for a food happy captive audience? 

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