Dealing with "The Playmate Problem"

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[Editor's Note: Does your child have that "one friend" that you just can't stand? Elizabeth at This Little Mama shares a litany of button-pushing childhood playmates that she's had to deal with in her recent post -- but the question still remains: How do you deal with kids that just aren't very nice? -Jenna]

The Playmate Problem:

Playmate ProblemNow like you, I want to cherish every child, and believe that to a one they are cute, charming, lovable, and well-behaved. But we must be honest and acknowledge they are not. Our own children are not always exhibiting cuteness, charm, lovability, or good behavior, this last least of all. But because we love them unconditionally we are able to muddle through to their better moments. It’s not so easy when it’s someone else’s kid who is being a rotten little stinker, especially when such stinker is in our kid’s orbit.

Case in point: with my oldest child, we have had to deal with a little girl who shared some peculiar information about a previously-unknown adult activity, S-E-X, which it’s taken me quite some time to dispel in several conversations I really would have preferred not to take on for another five years or so. We’ve also had to deal with friends whose idea of afternoon fun is to plot exotic and often frightening ways to cause grievous bodily harm and/or death to the younger brother. My own kid obviously plays an active role in that dynamic, but our family balance depends on a basic level of civility between Big and Medium, so a no-playdate ceasefire has had to be called from time to time.

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