A Sandwich With A Twist: Polenta Grilled Cheese

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[Editor's Note: I love it when I stumble across something in the kitchen just because I'm low on ingredients or time—often it's the limitations that drive me to be even more creative than usual. This twist on a grilled cheese sandwich is right up that alley: it was born out of a fairly empty larder, but the results were fantastic. It's a great option, too, for those who miss grilled cheese sandwiches because they are no longer eating bread. --Genie]

Polenta Grilled Cheese

I don't love American cheese, but it actually tasted good. OK. It tasted amazing, and I'm embarrassed to admit that. Just imagine how incredible it will be with cheddar or pepper jack!

Polenta Grilled Cheese

Image Credit: (Never)Homemaker, used by permission.

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