DIY Pom Pom Rug Tutorial

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[Editor's Note: I can't knit. I can barely crochet. There I said it. That does not mean I don't still love yarn and want to find ways to play with it. One of my favorite things to do with yarn is make pom poms. They look great as banners, accents on glittered roller skate bookends or in this case as an accent rug. What?!?! - Yup, you heard me - accent rug. I love anything hodge podge, patchwork, colorful - if it looks like something Punky Brewster would want in her house I'm in. This rug not only sounds easy to make, it is adorable. I'd love to have a giant version though I might be making pom poms until I'm 50 for that to happen, which for the record is a REALLY long time away. I mean REALLY long. - Jen]

Pompom Accent Rug – DIY Tutorial

Don't think that just because you know your way around a ball of yarn that this is a quick project. Easy - yes, but quick? According to blogger and inventor of this amazing rug Pippa it takes a bit of time: " This pompom accent rug was very gratifying and easy to make- but I’m not going to lie, more than a little time-consuming. Turns out it’s not even a done-in-one-day kind of project. I’d recommend treating this as one of those side endeavors that you tackle a little bit at a time."

Pompom Accent Rug – DIY Tutorial


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