"The Post Office Girl" Will Stick With You

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Have you ever read a book that was perhaps not entirely finished? It's not uncommon for unfinished books to be published after an author's death. I've read bits and pieces of Jane Austen's unfinished works and read books that have been finished by someone to other than the original. Thank to Chris, who blogs at Chrisbookarama, I am intrigued by Stefan Zweig's possibly unfinished, yet still published, The Post Office Girl. - Karen

the post office girl stefan zweigThe Post Office Girl was published 40 years after Zweig committed suicide. I was unaware of this as I read it. When upon reading the afterward I discovered this, it made sense. It ends as if Zweig planned to go back to it some other day when he was feeling better about the world. He didn’t. He killed himself in 1942 because he couldn’t stand to live in a world of such ugliness.

Christine is the Post Office Girl of the title. She’s working a hand to mouth existence and lives with her sick mother in a sad apartment. Before the Great War, Christine’s family was well off. After the war, her brother and father were dead and her mother too sick to work. Christine only has her job because of a family connection. She hasn’t had any happiness since she was a teen, before the war began. At twenty-eight, she doesn’t imagine things will change…

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