Postpartum Depression: Feminists Say Don’t Suffer in Silence

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Editor’s Note: I’d never considered postpartum depression a feminist issue, but this post by Katherine Stone completely changed my mind. Even though this condition is incredibly common, affecting one in five women, many are reluctant to talk about it or get treatment—a reaction similar to other “women’s issues” like rape, abortion, and domestic violence. Maybe it’s time that more women spoke up about this important issue. —Judy

If 20% of all the women we know—whether they are our sisters, our daughters or our friends—are going to have postpartum depression, I just don’t believe the whole of womankind should carry on as if it’s okay that most of them are uneducated about it, don’t expect it, don’t know what to do when they get it, and often don’t get proper treatment from medical professionals. I’ve often wondered why we can’t get more attention and energy devoted to this issue, one that is crucial to the health of mothers and children.

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