Everyone Should Know How to Roast a Chicken

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Editor’s note: Gretchen from The Wright Place has declared that knowing how to roast chicken is so important that it should be a prerequisite for marriage. For those of you who are married but don't know how to roast a chicken, you can still save your marriage. Gretchen thoughtfully shares step-by-step photos to roasting the perfect chicken and even gives a trick to getting super-crispy skin. --Jane

Yessiree, I feel very strongly that a significant portion of a couple's premarital counseling should cover the how-to-s of chicken roasting. I think that before a minister agrees that a couple is fit to be wed, he should take the betrothed pair into the church kitchen where there awaits a fresh bird to be roasted. The couple should be able to demonstrate, with a fair amount of competence, that they can handle themselves in the kitchen with that chicken. If they cannot, the pastor's wife should be summoned forthwith to give a demonstration.

How to Roast Chicken
Image: Courtesy of The Wright Place

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