On Pregnancy, Vanity, And The Lies We Tell Ourselves (And Others)

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by Bee Quammie I’m about a month away from the estimated due date of my first child, and to say I’ve learned new lessons about myself and this journey is the understatement of the year. The battle between authenticity and dishonesty is one that I didn’t realize would be so prevalent, but here we are.Let me explain.Being around other pregnant women during these last few months, I’ve learned that there’s almost always at least one thing that we’re dishonest about, whether to quell our own anxieties or to please and impress others. Maybe it's denying the fact that we're REALLY hoping for a little boy or girl, but simply stating "As long as the baby is healthy..." Maybe it's proclaiming proudly that there's no way we'll divert from our silent, meditative natural birth when that little voice deep inside says "Well, you MIGHT want that epidural..." For me, my moment of honesty came when I acknowledged my vanity, set aside my spotty confidence, and admitted that I'm nervous about what pregnancy, labour, and delivery will do to my body.After years of wavering between extreme dislike to reluctant, shoulder-shrugging acceptance, I finally started to really like the way my body looked. . . .

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