IQ Aside: Is it a Good Idea for Preschoolers to Join Mensa?

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[Editor's Note: By now you've probably heard about Mensa welcoming Emmelyn Roettger, the second toddler to join the ranks of the high-IQ society this year. She proved that kids are just kids during a potty emergency on the Today Show, which is one thing Margaret at Just Margaret questions about this whole thing: How young is too young for this kind of publicity? What are your thoughts? -Jenna]

Preschoolers Joining Mensa:

1959 Book on Gifted ChildrenDespite the fact that he still qualifies for membership, I can’t imagine signing him up. But if I went and signed Bub up, I would absolutely not publicize the fact to the nation. I was troubled by the fact that it felt like the Guardian piece was more about the parents than it was the child. To what end does one shove a preschooler into the spotlight in today’s media environment?

Tell me, how does this benefit the child?

Are there any circumstances under which I might spotlight my sons abilities? If I thought it would mean that gifted children would benefit in some way, I might consider it.

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