Pasta Sauce & the Unnecessary Pressures of Parenthood

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[Editor's Note: Stop and think for a moment about the last parenting thing that stressed you out. Was it a necessary stress? Or were you placing unnecessary pressure on yourself to be the best? Tricia at Raising Humans is letting go of some of that, one jar of pasta sauce at a time. -Jenna]

On the Pressures of Parenthood:

I used to make fresh pasta sauce with those chopped tomatoes. Standing at the stove, simmering tomatoes and spices in a blend that I loved both because of the flavor and because I knew I had made it. I had put more effort into feeding my family than simply opening a jar. I believed they could taste the love right there alongside the oregano and basil.

But today, as I rinsed out the empty jar and placed it in the recycle bin, I did not feel guilty.

As parents, we place a tremendous amount of pressure on ourselves. And we allow others to heap more pressure on top. We believe that we’re supposed to cook wholesome meals from scratch, gather for family dinner every night, and never eat in front of the TV. So when we order a pizza and eat in shifts while sprawled out in the living room, our eyes glued to a screen, we feel guilty. We feel we’ve buckled under the pressure. We feel we’ve somehow failed our children.

Pasta Sauce
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