A Principal Did Get Her Comeuppance

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It happened to negligent and vicious NYC former principal Marcella Sills, the principal who rarely showed up to work on time and engaged in a years-long reign of terror over PS 106.One of her many victims speaks out: After Strauss left, Marcella Sills became principal in 2005 — a product of the city’s “leadership academy.”Deterioration was rapid. You were either a friend of Sills or an enemy, and if she didn’t like you, she’d rip you apart in reviews.Sills opened state exam booklets earlier than allowed and asked teachers to discuss how to read a passage to help students better understand it, which was cheating. When told it was illegal, she had a fit.Then, of course, there was what the investigation found last week — frequently showing up late for work, sometimes not showing up at all. . . .

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