Private Lives: Writing About the Personal

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Bloggers are often accused of writing about what others deem private; airing dirty laundry, laying bare marriage and parenting and friendships.  Bloggers don't shy away from writing about love or death or the tiny moments that mark a life.  Though Andilit points out that while other mediums also deal with the personal, none are told that they shouldn't dabble in the private in the same way that writing receives judgment.

When a guitarist (or a cellist or a pianist or a drummer) puts his fingers to the string, he plucks, or strums, or picks a story out of the notes. The plot spins in the air, and the tone wraps around us like a satin blanket. We find life in that story. We may not love it – but we don’t say that the music is too personal to be shared, that it’s private.  Even though it is. 

Have you ever been accused of writing about things that other people think should remain private?

Photo Credit: Hiddedevries.

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