Ever Tried Dinosaur Kale?

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Editor's note: As part of a new plan to start eating healthier, I gave up waffles and bacon as my staple breakfast (I know, right, what was I thinking?), choosing instead to have a salad with delicious balsamic vinaigrette. Only problem -- while waffles and bacon never lose their allure for me, eating the same salad every day quickly started to get on my nerves. Then I had an epiphany -- why don't I switch it up? I mean, really, who says healthful eating has to be boring?

Fortunately for me, the ladies at Shrinking Sisters have my back. In Produce of the Month, Gail explores greening up one's meals with dinosaur kale. Yeah, I've never heard of it, either. -- AVF

It's a darker green and larger than the garden-variety kale. Must have been what Fred Flintstone's pet ate in the back yard. Whole Foods has an ANDI scale in its produce department, which rates foods on their nutrient density, or Aggregate Nutrient Density Index. The scale goes from zero to 1,000 and this baby scores 1,000.

Photo via Shrinking Sisters.

Also known as Lacinato or Tuscan kale, it has deep green, dimply looking long leaves. I stir-fried some the other night with a little olive oil and caramelized onion, and dino kale has a slightly sweeter flavor than the curly variety, so if you've never had kale before or find regular kale too "kaley," give this one a try.

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