Ridley Scott's "Prometheus" Is More Than Just Aliens

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[Editor's Note: Have you seen Prometheus yet? Where do you think it falls in the Alien franchise?  Daddy Mojo explores the ups and downs of the thriller from director Ridley Scott. --Morgan]

Ridley Scott returns to direct what some people view as a sequel to his original 1979 classic Alien.  Prometheus is kind of a sequel, but also a reboot and could be seen by some people as a movie that stands on its own legs by itself.  We won’t reveal any spoilers here, so this will be safe to read if you dig the mythology of Alien or if it’s alien to you.

Two people on Earth are exploring a cave and discover cave paintings that point to a solar system that takes years to get to.  It’s possible that the people that drew these painting created mankind, but it’s also possible that they want to kill us all-either way, Prometheus is headed there.

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