The Pros and Cons to Starting a Blog

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[Editor's Note: To start a blog or not to start a blog; there are certainly pros and cons to having a writing space online.  Momo Fali outlines all the tradeoffs to starting a blog, from the time it takes to do it well to the connections you make with people you would have never met otherwise.  If you don't have a blog, you'll want to read this before you start, and if you do have a blog, you'll want to read this to commiserate. --Mel]

If you want to blog for a hobby, or just have a place to journal, then you can move along. Nothing to see here. Go on! Git!

For the rest of you, who want to join the ranks of the 181 million blogs worldwide (NielsenWire, March 2012) and make money doing it, then read these pros and cons. There is no advice here, just the cold, hard facts of what you’ll face when you get started.

Give us a pro and a con that you've experienced with blogging.

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