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Remember the rant about a month ago? I'm happy to say that I persevered through the travesty that is the Covered California website this morning. And I signed Pete up for new health insurance starting January 1.For all those naysayers talking about the awfulness that is Obamacare, let me give you a fer-instance about what it means to me and mine.It means you can't charge Pete $975 per-fucking-month for insurance.It means you can't nickel-and-dime him at the beginning of each year for pharmaceutical deductibles.It means we will have about $5,000 more each year to spend or save.It means, you know, things are finally going right in the U.S.A.So, go ahead, bitch about it all you want about how it's a debacle and it's not sustainable and it's socialism because we're headed to a single-payer system.Go on. . . .

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