In the Purse of Every Mom Is a Conversation Starter

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I recently attended a party where we played that purse game. You know: Who has the most random stuff in their purse? You can't beat the mom of a boy. I had a mustache, a super hero max, three vehicles, Phinneas & Ferb bandaids and a whole bunch of other awesomeness. It served me well. However, The Harried Mom recently was on a business lunch and accidentally shared the contents of her purse with a reporter. I'm sure her stomach dropped.

But it ended up being a good thing. She shares:

Awesome AmbulanceHowever, like any good publicist, I wanted to give the reporter my business card. I reached down into my purse to grab my business card holder and mistakenly grabbed this and placed it on the table instead.


I was totally embarrassed, but the reporter chuckled and asked, “How old is your son?” I told him he’s four and totally obsessed with fire trucks , monster trucks, and pretty much anything else that has wheels. He said his son was three and is just as obsessed and loves watching anything with cars or trucks on his iPad, which he sometimes has to wrestle away from his son for order to get work done! The entire tone of the lunch changed and instead of us rushing to get out of there, we sat at the table for another 30 minutes just talking about our kids and parenting in general.

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