Put Down that Book! When Kids Read Too Much

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[Editor's Note: I almost always had my nose stuck in a book when I was a kid. My parents would talk to me and I was often so engrossed in my book that I didn't hear them. Just like this parent, my mother often found herself telling me to put down the book and get moving. - Karen]

I talk with a lot of the parents at my daughter's school (at least her old school). They generally had the same lament: I wish my kid would read more! I never had that lament. We were supposed to make sure our child read at least 20 minutes a day. I never really kept track of my daughter's reading. I didn't have to. She loves to read and slips it in every chance she gets.

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This is all great, right? Well it is for the most part. The challenge is that she loves books so much that it can be hard to get her to put a book or magazine down once she starts reading it. Once her nose is buried in a book, she slows down doing everything else. This can be an absolute nightmare when I'm trying to get her to rush out the door to go to school or soccer practice. The only way to get her to hurry up is to get her to put the reading material down.

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