Subvert the Food Industry by Brown-Bagging It

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Editor’s note: The junk food industry has long been known for targeting children—and their school lunches—with its marketing, as Laura from Apt. 11D notes in her recent post. The PTA at her son’s school actually orders fast food for the kids, since it doesn’t have a full-service cafeteria. Read how Laura’s family makes brown bag lunches that are healthful and delicious. She makes it sound so easy! --Jane

Yes, we do make homemade, nutritious meals for our kids, but we're not nazis about it. We do let them have some junk too. I always drag the kids to the supermarket with me and as one of their rewards for good behavior, they're allowed to pick out something special. What do they always go for? Those damn Lunchables.

Brown bag lunch
Image: Brown bag lunch via Shutterstock

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