Quinoa "Burgers" With Portobello Mushroom "Buns"

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Though this recipe might not yield a veggie "burger" in the traditional sense, it's an interesting way to turn quinoa into a main dish sandwich. Because quinoa is such a healthy grain, as well as a complete protein, this is a power-packed vegetarian entree. Add a salad on the side, and you'll be a nutritional winner!

Meatless Mondays: Quinoa ‘burgers’ with roasted portabella mushroom ‘buns’

What I really love about quinoa as a cook/blogger/eater is that the flavor is neutral enough to be a blank canvas. It can be a great rice replacement, mixed into a salad, stuffed into peppers… or cooked up with dried fruits and nuts and served like a little “burger” between two roasted portabella mushroom caps. I suppose it could also be called a little sandwich. Regardless of word play, it is definitely earthy, sweet, healthy and a nice little package of good eatin’.

Quinoa Burger

Image Credit: Edible Times, used by permission.

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