Racism in Adoption: Charging Different Fees for Different Races Is Not Okay

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[Editor's Note: Adoption agencies charging different prices for different races is a hot button issue for me. That's why I love that Lara at Pocket Full of Prose shared her thoughts on the matter too. The more that we talk about this from all sides of the adoption triad the more that people -- and these unethical agencies -- will understand that this is simply not okay. -Jenna]

Racism in Adoption:

baby feetAs a hopeful adoptive parent, I am constantly researching new ways to network to increase our chances of finding our baby. I am listed with an adoption agency, but I check out other agencies and adoption networking sites all the time to see if it would benefit me to use them.

There are a few -- quite a few, to be honest -- that cross a line I am not willing to cross. The have a fundamental flaw in their business that I cannot overlook. Plenty of Lifetime movies paint adoptive parents as so desperate for a baby they will do anything, absolutely anything no matter how despicable, for a baby.

Not true of me.

So what is the deal breaker for me?

Different adoption prices for different races.

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