Random Comments on Fight Night

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Editor's Note: Dr. AnnMaria De Mars must be the proudest mother on the planet. Her daughter, mixed martial artist Ronda Rousey, made history Saturday night by becoming the first female UFC champion. De Mars is not a huge MMA fan but as a former world champion judoka, you can bet she had some special insight into the fight. ~js

Liz Carmouche in the post-fight conference said she thought she'd try knocking out some of Ronda's teeth and hope she could get her to tap. Of course, that did not happen. Although I don't blame Liz for trying, it illustrates what I've always said. . . .

Techniques that just hurt your opponent but don't disable them through making them unconscious or dislocating a joint won't work on the really elite players. They WON'T tap just because it hurts. They will put up with the pain and when either they escape or the referee separates you, they'll just get even.

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