A Rant, A Little Rage and "Mom Jobs"

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[Editor's Note: Do you find yourself over-explaining your career choices to people? Trying to justify your choices to others (working full-time, part-time, staying at home, or some other creative option)? Perhaps even a little trying to validate your own choices? Here's a post that's part rant, part stream of consciousness that takes a raw look at this challenge of balancing raising your kids with working. - Paula G]

I Still Have Rage.

Nod of acknowledgement.

This post brought to you by the stream of consciousness style thinking that comes from lots of unstructured time, sleeping infants, and big bird, who is still employed.

I've been thinking a lot about my plans for next year, since my place of employment is hiring soon, and I need to decide if I want my full-time job back, or if I want to keep kicking it part time.

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Raising Kids and Working

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