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Unless you've been strategically avoiding the news for the past six months, you know one of Occupy Wall Street protesters' complaints is the cost of student loans. I was extremely privileged not to have taken them out, but I did live through repaying them with my husband. If you've loved someone with loans, you know better than to ask what they were thinking when they signed on the dotted line for such a lot of money.

In some cases, as with Lindsey, the thinking was "this is my future; I have no choice." She writes of that moment:

But three weeks before my senior year, NYU and my dad informed me I needed to find the money to finish out my senior year. So, while working at a summer camp in Vermont, I contacted Sallie Mae from the telephone room of our old manor house summer camp offices which was really a converted coat closet. I quickly signed my life away for a $35,000 loan in between teaching eight year-olds how to canoe and keeping a watchful eye on a couple of my fifteen year-old campers who were trying to score some cigarettes.

Read on for what came next.

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