Why John Derbyshire's Nonblack Version of "The Talk" Offends

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[Editor's Note: The Trayvon Martin case has brought into the open "the talk" that many black parents have with their sons. Last week, The National Review writer John Derbyshire attempted to spoof the concept by writing a post called "The Talk: Nonblack Version" on Taki's Magazine. After much public outrage, The National Review fired Derbyshire. In her analysis of this incident, Renee at Womanist Musings writes that the real outrage is not so much what was written in the essay, but in how much racism is accepted in society. --Grace]

Reading his article, what I felt was not outrage, because this is exactly the kind of thought pattern and behaviour that Whiteness has normalized. People are simply upset that Derbyshire had the nerve to air his dirty laundry in public, rather than internalizing his racist ideas. The world is still very much segregated, with Sunday being the most segregated day in North America.

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