The Real Way to Get More Girls into Science (as Opposed to Sexist Videos)

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[Editor's note: Last week the video “Science, it’s a girl thing” drew a storm of outrage by women scientists everywhere—including Emily Willingham on BlogHer. Thankfully, the European Commission yanked the ad and even apologized. But it did raise an important question: Why are girls and women still underrepresented in certain fields in science? Because the controversy is still fresh, I wanted to run this terrific post by scientist Sophia Collins.—Mona]

One piece of research suggests that trying to recruit girls by showing very glamorous and feminine role models (as in the video) is counter-productive. Although that research may not be that robust.

So, is that video going to do anything about the leaky pipe problem? Do you think it will encourage a woman who’s a senior researcher to go for that professorship?

Will it encourage someone just completing their PhD to apply for post-docs? Make a university department more likely to recruit a woman for a senior post? Improve university childcare provision or flexible working practices?

girls in lab coats

Credit Image: Argonne National Laboratory

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