The Real Problem with Breastfeeding in Public: The Baby!

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Editor's Note: Normally I can't read a post about breastfeeding without getting all nostalgic for our days gone by. His Mrs. Her Mr. wrote about the "distractable" phase of nursing, which usually involves accidental flashes of entire breasts in places you never imagined flashing breasts, on purpose or otherwise. Maybe I don't miss that part so much. -Jenna

#RealMamaLife: Breastfeeding on the Fly:

Then, there’s the littlest miss. For one, she likes to be able to see me while she nurses, so while I wear the nursing cover I often have to hold it open so we can make eye contact or watch her tug and pull at it. She also gets the wiggles moving her legs around (I sometimes do that too when I eat something really good). And then there is the fact that she is easily distracted. Her big sister was the same way. A voice, a noise, a movement can cause her to instantly unlatch learning to sit up to see what is going on. Sometimes we stick it out and latch and unlatch over and over again until she is full. Sometimes we luck out and find a quiet place and sometimes we end up in the car because that is a quiet a place.

Breastfeeding in public
Credit: benklocek.

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