Rebranding: What Cheerleaders Taught Me

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Everyone has a brand. When you are rebranding either because you're in transition or you need to shift in your business for greater success, it can feel tempting to copy what other successful folks do. Who doesn't want to be in the popular crowd, right? See what one business expert learned from cheerleaders about her brand.

Like the majority of students, I had plenty of friends, but I was never part of the “in” group. In my day, the popular group consisted of cheerleaders, football players (who dated the cheerleaders), class president (who was usually a football player), etc. You get my drift. And like most kids, I thought that I would give anything to be popular.

In 9th grade my family moved to a new school district in the middle of the school year. On the second day in my new junior high, I was invited to sit with the cheerleaders at lunch. I had arrived! I was finally going to be popular!

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