Recycle Old Jeans Into a New E-Reader Case - Complete with Pocket Cell Phone Holder

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[Editor's Note: Cases for your Nook, iPad, phone - you name it can be pricey. Why not make your own? That is exactly what Lorena from Snarkland did and with fantastic results. That clever minx took an old pair of jeans and whipped up a handy dandy carrying case. I'm extra impressed by the way she incorporated in a pocket to hold her cell phone. - Jen]

Hold My Beer While I Craft This

Lorena makes this project sound like something even a novice seamstress like myself could easily conquer: "Nobody told me it would be hard (and it wasn’t) and I didn’t have a pattern because why would I need a pattern for cutting something out, folding it in half, and seaming it?”

Hold My Beer While I Craft This


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