Is the Red Dawn Remake Sparking Yellow Peril?

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The remake of "Red Dawn" did surprisingly well at the box office over the Thanksgiving weekend. Like many made-over 80's teen flicks, it's been updated, and the new version replaces the Russians invaders with North Koreans, giving it a new element of race-based fear mongering. Just check out the slew of anti-Asian tweets it spawned. Marissa Lee of Racebending screened the movie and explains how "Red Dawn" is doing no help to Asians and other people of color.

Well, the good news is that, Red Dawn has more Asian faces and Asian American actors in it than any other film coming out this Thanksgiving weekend. They’re just depicting yellow peril invaders! (Hooray?)

It seemed that most people at our screening were enjoying themselves, cheering and whooping for our country, America. (Loud cheers during the scene where the reporter says that the blue states have all surrendered and the red state gun owners are the only ones left to resist the North Korean invasion.) Other people at the screening took to Twitter, upset at how characters of color were treated in the film.

Likely because the depiction of characters of color in this film is godawful.

Image Credit: Film District

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