Refreshing Non-Alcoholic Green Tea Sparkler

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[Editor's Note: Though I'm as big a fan of high-octane cocktails as the next girl, I still think it's important to have a few delicious non-alcoholic options in one's back pocket. You never know when there might be a celebration for someone who's not quite 21, or when you might have a guest who'd prefer to stay away from alcohol for any number of reasons. This is a terrific option: light and refreshing, but bubbly and classy! --Genie]

Green Tea Sparkler

We nabbed a big, beautiful cake from a favorite bakery, had it inscribed with “Congrats, Dad!” and mixed up a batch of this beautiful Green Tea Sparkler to toss into martini glasses and incite the energy of a champagne celebration. Then, we each offered up a cheers to integrity, new beginnings, and the courage of adventuring into the unknown.

Green Tea Sparkler

Image Credit: Brooke McLay, used by permission.

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