The Religious Duty to Come Out

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Jay Michaelson is a writer, scholar and activist who generally addresses the sticky intersections of sexuality, spirituality and law. He is the author of God vs. Gay? The Religious Case for Equality and we found this viewpoint far too fascinating to ignore.

"Before I came out, I was sure that doing so would spell the end of my religious life. Raised in a Conservative Jewish household, I absorbed the message that being gay (let alone acting on homosexual impulses) was about the worst thing in the world. I thought it meant I could never have a family, and could not be gay and Jewish. Ironically—tragically—accepting and celebrating my sexuality was the beginning of my religious life, not the end of it. What we call in our popular culture “coming out” is an awesome spiritual experience, a gateway to the holiness of love. I was able to stop being dishonest, with myself—and with God."


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Image credit: jemsweb via Flickr, Creative Commons.

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