Reluctantly Scheduling a C-Section

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It's hard for me to get all riled up about people who schedule C-sections. I know that for every "I don't want to sweat when I'm in labor" kind of story, there's a real story like this one by Life on the Mama Track. Her first delivery, which she explains in her post, ended in one of those scary emergency c-sections, and now she had scheduled her second instead of opting for a VBAC.

It's a hot button issue -- for reasons that don't make sense to me. I am of the belief that everyone's main goal should be for a healthy mommy and baby. I commend this mom for tackling this subject in such a way.

406.JPGI still, sometimes, don’t feel like I gave birth to my son, like my body failed us, failed him.

But despite that feeling—and the enormous cultural backlash against scheduled cesareans and in favor of vaginal births after cesareans (VBACs) -- I am choosing to schedule my second c-section.

Words like “uterine rupture” and “potentially catastrophic” echo in my head, and my heart.

And my last experience, a labor that failed to progress and threatened my baby’s life, haunts me.

In consultation with my doctor, I’ve made the decision that, given my history, a VBAC isn’t right for me and my family.

I’m trying to stay focused on what matters—a healthy baby.

I’m telling myself that, really, it’s not important how he or she enters the world.

And, for the most part, I believe it.

Photo Credit: kellysue.

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