Rereading Your Blog: A Birds Eye View of Your Life

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Blogs have a tendency to operate like Dumbledore's Pensieve; you take things out of your brain, place it on the screen, and watch the words swirl around until you can see patterns form.  It's not just a space for present day reflection, trying to make sense of a situation.  It's also a place that you can return to and read in order to gain greater understanding of your life.

Too Many Fish to Fry recently did just that: read her blog from start to finish and gained a birds eye view of her life.  She didn't love everything she noticed, but the insights were invaluable in discovering herself.  She writes,

Reading my blog made me realize that I have pretty low self-esteem. Nothing I do seems to be good enough for me, while I’m constantly building up other people. In a way, this blog is the exact opposite of my overly-confident, pretentious European travel journal from my early 20s. Why did I think I knew everything then and why do I think I know nothing now, in my late 30s?

Have you ever read your blog in full?  What did you learn by looking at your life on the screen?

Photo Credit: Twisting Road via Shutterstock.

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