Trendy Chevron Rugs Are Expensive - Why Not Make Your Own

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[Editor's Note: Katy from Sweet Verbena is starting to furnish her apartment. Like many of us she just had a rude awakening about how much rugs costs. Even 'cheap' machine rugs are not that cheap. This crafty lady was not going to let something like expense come between her and a chic chevron rug. Oh no. Prices be damned, Katy just decided to get all DIY about it and sew her own. You can too if you pop over to her blog and follow her handy dandy tutorial. - Jen]

Reversible Chevron Rug: a tutorial

Katy started this project with a wee bit of self doubt, but in the end she is pleased as punch with her results: "I wasn't positive that this make-my-own-rug theory would work out, but I'm happy to report that it feels durable, thick, and doesn't slide around in the least bit (with a rug pad). It actually feels better than a lot of similar rugs I've seen in stores.”

Reversible Chevron Rug: a tutorial


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