Thoughts on Two C-Sections in Just Over a Year

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[Editor's Note: If you're facing a delivery in the near future, even if you're 100% set against a c-section, I encourage you to read this post by Jill at Happy Hopefuls. It isn't what she planned either, but she ended up with two c-sections -- in 14 months. She, quite obviously, has thoughts on the matter! -Jenna]

Review of 2nd C-Section and More:

00-2Hi, my name is Jill and I had two c-sections in 14 months.

Saying that now, seems so funny. I remember having Coen and thinking that I wanted another baby in my life, so fast. I also remember my doctor telling me that I really needed to wait another 6 months before getting pregnant again, just to give my body some time to heal.

Five months later, we were expecting.

Having two c-sections in 14 months was hard. Don't get me wrong... I mean, it's a major surgery! However, this second time around, I really didn't feel as bad as I did with the first. I don't know if it was because I was forced to be active again quickly after being home (and having a toddler that doesn't stop) or if it was because I knew what to expect. Either way, I could tell that by 2 weeks postpartum, I was starting to feel like myself again. Sure, my stomach is sore, my pants don't fit and dressing myself isn't as fun as it could be, but it's better.


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