Rick Santorum's Winning Ways with Women--Or Not

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[Editor's note: Rick Santorum sure knows how to attract women! First, there was the comment about women being too emotional for combat. Which then turned into some delightful backpedaling on ABC News that what he really meant was that male soldiers were too sensitive and women too weak. And now we have Santorum’s apparent befuddlement over who wrote the passage about “radical feminists” ruining the family in his 2005 book. But as Jon Bershad at Mediaite notes, Barbara Walters stuck up for Santorum on The View--Mona]

He writes:

Now, this defense wasn’t exactly a full voiced endorsement and it certainly didn’t come from the talk show’s full panel with Joy Behar calling Santorum a “coward” and Whoopi Goldberg saying that he’d have a “big ol’ problem” if he brought these views into the White House. Barbara Walters, however, said that she could see what Santorum (Or his wife. He’s since claimed that it was actually she who wrote that part of the book) meant.

role models

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What do you think about the conservative candidate's views on women?

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