Good Things to Say to a Parent of a Special Needs Child

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[Editor's Note: You may have seen posts shared on Facebook that contained things "not" to say to parents of children with special needs. All of that "you're a saint" and "I can never do that." Bonnie at The Fragile X Factor decided to provide you with a public service announcement of things you can/should say to parents. Now that's the way to educate and promote change! -Jenna]

The RIGHT Things to Say to Parents of Special Needs Kids:

/approveI know from personal experience that these phrases don't make most of us feel better. I understand where you're coming from, though. I know people are just trying to be nice and friendly and supportive. 10 years ago I'd probably have called myself a saint.

But now that I have some experience as a special needs mom, I'm going to do a little public service. I'm going to provide a list of things that are not only Okay, but in fact are Fabulous, to say to a parent of special needs kids (or to their children).

"How's the family?"

(It's very simple. Ask how things are going, and then take the time to listen to what I tell you. Ask questions. It's better to ask than not to ask, and risk me thinking you don't really give a crap.)

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