On the Road Again

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So, it's over now. After the intensity, and drama, and action and inaction in waiting, and the struggle, the absence of all of "it", and him, seems impossible and bizarre in its own way. On Thursday morning, after an unbearable night of realizing it was easier to be in the room with him than at home and in my own head (and after some late night texts assuring my mom that if there are ghosts there, she's really not interesting enough for them to bother) I packed a bag and moved in to hospice; my mother and I creating the saddest sorority of wondering and worrying and waiting as we helped care for him, the most dramatic and often horrifying slumber party of all time.I ran home to shower and out for Starbucks only once before realizing that the outside world was even more difficult than that darkened room. . . .

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