A Rookie Home Schooler Mistake

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[Editor's Note: Like anyone starting anything new, rookie homeschoolers make a few mistakes in the beginning. Backwoods Mom admits her mistake and it sounds like one that many might make when they're starting out. For our homeschoolers, what was your rookie mistake? -Jenna]

Rookie Home Schooler Here:

playroom/classroomI caught myself yesterday in a newbie home schooler mistake, trying to replicate the very system from which I removed my kids last winter. It’s an easy trap to fall into, the “re-create the classroom at home” theory that I had when this all began. A classroom works perfectly well, for some kids. And I thought I could just ‘play teacher’ and mimic my friends with teaching degrees, and all would be well. My teacher friends were forthcoming with advice and I listened raptly and accepted all offered. We set up our living room like a classroom, and sat together, huddled over texts and workbooks. For Mya, a self-motivated organizational genius, this cookie cutter format we’d begun was perfect. For some of my kids, however, I was simply re-enacting the struggle they’d been living, right here in our very own living room.


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