Fighting For Love Through The Rough Patches

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Editor's Note: A beautiful piece on how love compels us to work together and pull through even the roughest times in our relationship. An honest take on how introspection forces us to own our culpability in the friction and how we contribute to the tension. A nod to being focused and determined, perseverance through the darker times and the celebration of the joy on the other side. -Feminista Jones


Katie and Chris
Image: Katie Brown via Marriage Confessions


Chris and I are coming out of rough patch that we’ve been battling for a couple months. Those are never any fun to be in, but they are even LESS fun to come out of because in order to get out of a rough patch, you have to speak to each other. Without fighting. And you have to agree. Without holding resentment. And, in my experience, being in a rough patch by definition means I don’t really want to get along with my husband, much less AGREE with him on anything. So, the working through it part is often much harder than the going through it part.

Being an adult sucks...

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