I'm Running a Marathon in Five Days

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There are lots of marathons happening this weekend (hello LA) and If you're a runner, there's a good chance you regularly read Dorothy Beal's blog Mile Posts.  She's run 25 or so marathons and her inspirational blog is one of the best running blogs out there. In this post she writes about what it's like to not feel well going into a race. It's frustrating when your body doesn't perform at it's peak and for someone like Beal, who is near super-human, she wants her body to do what she wants it to do, when she wants to do it.  And when she can’t – it frustrates her– no  matter how irrational the want is. ~js

It’s taper time.

Taper essentially means I go a little crazy in my head.

Crazy from not running the way I want to be running.

Crazy from worrying that any little twinge I feel will turn into something more.

This time I’ve been extra crazy because I have a sinus infection.

Friday I went to the Dr. and asked as nicely as I could for medicine. I don’t normally take medicine I pleaded, but just this once I REALLY need it. I’m not against taking stuff - I just have this thing that if your body is in pain it’s trying to tell you something. My body tells me a lot and in order to feel normal I have to listen.

I Run This Body photo courtesy of Mile Posts


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