SAHM Sanity Saver? Work.

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Women at the top of their game, sitting in high powered positions suddenly stop to stay at home and be a mom. Then what? There's a little known secret among high achieving SAHM's that doesn't get talked about enough...and that is loving your brain (beyond Barney). See what this mom did to get back into the working groove, still be a great mom, and stave off brain death.

This just in from IOS reader Jamie Croft, former Talent Acquisition Recruiter, semi stay-at home mom here in the States to a three year old boy and just getting her feet wet back into her career. She dishes to In Our Shoes on the dirty little secret women like her who used to be somebodies in the working world don’t talk about.

Read the full post on Reader Sound off: ‘It’s not about the Money!’ on In Our Shoes.

SAHM save sanity by working

Credit Image: moonlightbulb via Flickr

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