Sailing the Tricky Waters of Asperger's

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[Editor's Note: Becky at Wood Boys Chronicles recently wrote a post about how life with a child with Asperger's can be difficult at times. I'm sure other parents -- whether parenting a child on the spectrum or not -- will appreciate her point of view as she rounds out her feelings on the trickiness that comes with her role as a mom. -Jenna]

The Tricky Thing About Asperger's:

Sailboat - SternMy Aspie son has had a banner few weeks. He's greeted several new changes with ease (dare I say even giddiness). Many of the transitions we expected would rock his world, nary caused a ripple. He embraced the first day of school with a smile. He entered a new carpool situation with little reaction. He has thrived (according to his teacher) in his new fourth grade Sunday School class. Things were good and a calmness swept through our house.

It's times like these that I realize my memory is short. I sail into a new reality where I think things are fine, and will always be fine. The challenges we faced are in the past. I smile as I imagine the last chapter of our lives may be just a challenging memory never to be experienced again.

But shame on me for not learning a thing or two over the last several years. The thing is, Asperger's can be tricky.


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