School Bans Child with Cerebral Palsy from Using Her Walker

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Kristi Roberts, a mom from outside of Houston, is planning to sue the school district which recently told her that her daughter cannot use her walker at school. Her daughter LaKay has cerebral palsy and uses the walker to get around. This smart mom took audio of the meeting. Ellen Seidman at Love That Max not only shared about the disturbing story but shared why the story is important to her.

She shares a personal bit of how the story touched her:

If you have a kid who has cerebral palsy or any gross motor challenges, you know just what sort of efforts and prayers go into your child's ability to take steps, let alone walk. I will never forget the sight of Max in our living room taking his first steps in his walker, the same kind LaKay uses (a Kaye Posterior Walker). They're the steps I never thought I'd see after doctors had pretty much knocked the hope out of me.

The walker enabled Max to learn to walk independently, just as it is enabling LaKay to move on her own and strengthen her muscles. That child has every right to use a walker in school to get around, same as any kid has a right to put one foot in front of the other and go.

The video Kristi Roberts made which includes the meeting with the school's special education director is a must watch... but be prepared to be angry.

Go ahead and click through to find out how you can help, whether by emailing the school's superintendent or by signing a petition.

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