Stumped By My Preteen's Scientific Questions

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[Editor's Note: The question at the beginning of Christi's recent post at My Tempered Tantrum made me laugh. "Do you ever look at your child and wonder how it’s possible that this person came from you?" All the time, Christi! Her reason for asking lies in the new and very scientific interests her preteen is taking on. They are some mind-bogglers! -Jenna]

The Scientific Musings of a Preteen:

Question mark in EsbjergBe it nature, nurture, or a successful mingling of the two, my pre-teen seems to be surpassing me in so many ways lately. Specifically, it is safe to say that she is now smarter than me.

Allow me to share with you a few examples in which the only response I could think of was a blank, vacant stare:

  • ”Mom, how can it be that there is no new matter? If a sumo wrestler has the same amount of matter as when he was just an egg, wouldn’t he look all pixelated?”
  • “Mom, do you ever wonder what life would be like if gravity had intelligence?”

Be sure to keep reading to see what else is stumping this mom!

Photo Credit: drachmann.

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